About me

Thorsten Schlüter

My name is Thorsten Schlüter and I live next to Berlin. In my spare time I'm playing guitar in the rock cover band "Ear Force One" and the progressive rock band "Mihrax" – and I'm enjoying 3D graphics, computer games and of course my family. Furthermore I started to build my own guitars.

Since 2003 I'm graphic artist and web developer for AVM, the maker of FRITZ!Box. Even at work I'm using my favourite 3D application Blender, in addition to my main tool Photoshop.

I'm author of the free 3D viewer 3DNP (3D-No Plugins) and a big fan of Open Souce Software. It's good to see this multi-faceted community of people that are self-actualising without thinking of money.

Ear Force One
Ear Force One Rehearsal
Black Moon Rising
Mit Traveler Guitar in Tirol
Höhlenmenschen auf La Palma
Hilfe, ein Huhn!
Digitally Yours :-)
Immer her mit dem Eis!
Frankreich 1998