Blender – Private works

In 1998 I was looking for an affordable 3D software for my Silicon Graphics O² workstation. I heard about the freeware project Blender and took a look at the application. Blender looked very complicated to me at first sight but it had (and has) a very active and helpful user community. And so I took the effort to get into Blender.

These are some of my private works - a character named 'Klaus' which is featuring Blender's particle system to get hair, the chainsaw maniac 'Jake' with my first character animation and a green Sumo named 'Yamo'.

Klaus Klaus Jake Jake The Yamo

I made the graphics below for the Blender version 2.35 splash screen contest. The first one is an hommage to Stanley Kubrick's '2001 - A Space Odyssey' and also to Blender new selection tools (therefore the strange lines and dots on the monolith).

The second one is a landscape of 4713 glass cubes and renderd using YafaRay. This graphic named 'Voyager' won the competition and became splash screen of Blender 2.35.

2.35 - A Face Odyssey Voyager