Belegungsplan 1.1 ist a free PHP script that generates a booking schedule from a simple and easy to maintain text file. You can use it for example to show the vacancy status of an accommodation.


Now to some Flash applications. The Urban-O-Mat is a simple to use interface to play sound files. The sound files are represented by labelled buttons. The Urban-O-Mat can be configured very easily and runs on Windows. I recommend the free tool Audacity to edit your sound files.

For the second Flash example I made a MEL Script to export 3D object data from Maya. The Flash application uses this data to simulate a 3D object in 2D - the size of this flash file is just 3.2 KB.


This is for all users of the Linux based handheld GP2X. I designed a skin for its user interface, it is called 'Poison'. The icons are made with Blender. This skin runs on firmware version 2.1.0.